NTSB Issues Safety Alert for Nexrad Users

 - June 25, 2012, 4:00 PM

Because of the popularity of tablet computers like the Apple iPad, as well as a variety of glass-cockpit displays capable of showing Next Generation Radar (Nexrad), the NTSB has issued a Safety Alert cautioning pilots about the limitations of the mosaic weather radar data displayed in these new delivery devices.

The Board is concerned that some pilots might use old Nexrad weather data while attempting to circumnavigate areas of thunderstorms.

According to the alert, “The age indicator associated with the mosaic image on the cockpit display does not show the age of the actual weather data as detected by the Nexrad network. Instead, the age indicator displays the age of the mosaic image [when it was] created by the service provider. Weather conditions depicted on the mosaic image will ALWAYS be older than the age indicated on the display.”