Pilot in Learjet 60 Incident at Pitkin Reported Windshear

 - June 25, 2012, 4:00 PM

A spokesperson for the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (ASE) told AIN that the pilot of a Learjet 60 that slid off the side of Runway 15 during landing June 7 reported experiencing windhshear during the flare, resulting in the left wingtip striking the runway. Aspen winds at the time were reported as 220 deg at 10 knots, gusting to 18 knots, under clear skies.

The aircraft first slid off the east side of the runway, then re-crossed the pavement, eventually stopping on the west side approximately 4,300 feet down from the threshold, shearing the right flap and right main landing gear in the process. No injuries were reported to the eight people and two dogs on board.

The aircraft did destroy nine runway lights, as well as the 4,000-foot-remaining distance marker. The incident is still under investigation.