Above and Beyond: Providers of Exceptional Product Support and Service

 - August 8, 2012, 2:09 PM


We encourage you to congratulate people you may know from Bombardier and add additional comments by using the "Add your comment" section below.

Alan Masa, 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“Alan is a field service representative and just gets it done!”

April Bagwell, 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“Excellent customer support.”

Chris Richard, 

Purcellville, Va.

“Chris is one of the best field service representatives in the industry. He has established himself well within the community and is always available when we need assistance. Even though most manufacturers have cultivated a system to make their field service representatives become generalists vs. experts, Chris has found a way to provide relevant data and support at a moment's notice. ”

Dave Boris, 

West Virginia

“Excellent knowledge and goes beyond his area of responsibility and a great representative for Bombardier.”

Dean Eechaute, 


“Dean is the field service representative for the Learjet 40/45 series aircraft in the Midwest. He is extremely helpful in every aspect in helping maintain the aircraft. He knows not only the systems but how the components work together in the real world. He has always gone above and beyond the expected and either has the answer or will get the information we need fast!! If only every field service representative in the aviation world was as efficient!”

Dick Letter, 

No location given

“Dick is our field service representative and all ways goes above when it comes to customer support.”

“The best technical representative I have ever worked with, a model of customer service.”

“Always is pro-active when it comes to our Global Express. When we have an issue or question, response is immediate. Dick knows his stuff and is a great asset to our department.”

Elasio Cruz, 


“Outstanding professional, always concerned about his customer's needs.”

Elie Traboulsi, 

Windsor Locks, Conn.

“Elie routinely goes above and beyond industry service norms and is a huge part of his organization's success .”

Howard Dransfield, 

Dorval, Canada

“As our rep, Howard is always available and ready to answer or look for the answer, on any problem we have had. Great person to deal with.”

Jud Lane, 

Montreal, Canada

“Jud is the customer liaison pilot on the CL300. He works with customers that have operational, systematic or any other questions that come up in the day to day operations of the Challenger. I've worked with Jud many times trying to understand the QRH and to help make it more user friendly. Jud not only flies the Challenger but also works at the training center, which gives him a great background in helping customers. Jud also flies with customers that are having problems with their Challenger.”

Kris McCann, 

No location given

“Very responsive regional manager.”

Marcelina Plesiak, 

Windsor Locks, Conn.

“Marcelina is a buyer for the Hartford Service Center. Her extensive background and attention to detail make her uniquely qualified for this position. When shopping for parts and services she leaves no stone unturned, which results in significant savings for the customer. ”

Mike Blouin, 

Windsor Locks, Conn.

“Mike is the best, very knowledgeable and always concerned about what is best for the customer. A true asset to the Bombardier field service representative group.”

Paul Howell, 

Dallas, Texas

“Always there to help and give good advice. Follows up to make sure everything went well.”

“Paul is always available, and it doesn't matter to him if he is helping you with an old Challenger 600 or a brand new Global, he is going to give you 100 percent and help you get back in the air.”

Paul Van Kley, 

Wichita, Kan.

“He works tirelessly when you are AOG. He is innovative and customer focused. The best rep I have ever encountered for anything.”

“If Paul does not know the answer, he will find a person who does. He has helped me out countless times with just a phone call. ”

Sebastien Pfeffer, 


“Due to special efforts in troubleshooting and analysis of data downloaded from the aircraft, he could finally solve a problem which was bothering the aircraft since new (four years).”

Steve Block, 


“Steve is a true professional and always gives 150 percent. He makes my job easy. ”

Steven Erickson, 

Minneapolis, Minn.

“Goes way beyond what most reps do. Very concerned for the operator and is very knowledgeable on the CL-300s and the Learjet aircraft.”

Terry Rubek, 

Wichita, Kan.

“Terry works as a field service rep in Colorado. He is always there to help with any issues from maintenance to warranty issues. He is always available. ”

Tod Fredman, 

Montreal, Canada

“He will go the extra mile to get you the part you need and do it fast. Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who will do what they say and promise to do. Tod will do what he says he will and if it can not be done, then he will call you”

Tom Kermode, 

Montreal, Canada

“Tom is one of the most knowledgeable reps that I have ever dealt with. He provides immediate feedback and resolution to each and every problem that we have encountered.”

Remy Singh, 

White Plains, N.Y.

“Remy is there day or night and will show up to help troubleshoot complex issues all the time.”

Ruben Ruiz, 

Toluca, Mexico

“He is a service rep from Bombardier and has always had a very good attitude trying to help aviation...always.”


Mike has been our contact in Wichita for a decade now. He has proven to be committed to customer service on every visit.

After 12 years having Mike taking care of our plane,we just want to say that he and his crew goes over and over to give the Best in the industry customer support for his clients.

I've known Mike since 1997 and he has been always very helpful with us.
He is a great person to deal with, very frendly and he will go all the way to help a customer.
He really deserves the recognition.

Mark Hand is extrodinary in every way. His technical knowledge is superb , his customer service is world class. He was the key to my success as the DOM of a corporate shuttle fleet. Mark goes way above and beyond for his company and customers.
Embraer is a great company with exceptional people and product!!

If I was told the survival of my department depended on getting my broken Gulfstream working right now, my first call would be to Jim Beebe, period. They do don't come any better. He is the walking definition of real Technical Support. This statement of opinion turned hard fact not so long ago should encourage Gulfstream to please find more like him (if possible).

Thank you Jim.


Mike Fleming, taking care of our plane for 4 years, always had a god job, and give me excellent suport in Wichita.
Thanks Mike.

Sergio Azevedo, from Brazil.

If anyone has any contact information for Leonardo Ruiz at BIO Aerospace, I would love to thank him personally for his work.



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