Above and Beyond: Providers of Exceptional Product Support and Service

 - August 8, 2012, 2:09 PM


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Alberto D'Jesus, 

Savannah, Ga.

“He answers all our calls and is ready with a solution for all our needs.”

Arno Forehand, 

Savannah, Ga.

“Arno has been thoroughly committed to improving both the over-the-counter and the online parts sales experience for his customers. He has personally responded to each of my complaints and suggestions with a go-forward plan for improvement.”

Casey Nygaard , 

Appleton, Wis.

“Always ready to help you, regardless of how busy their facility may be. Never a bad moment, never a frown. Always a big smile and a positive attitude.”

Chad Etnyre, 

Long Beach, Calif.

“Always available to help the customer 24/7. Very [attending] to costumer needs, went above and beyond to make sure we had a good experience at Gulfstream Long Beach. ”

Dallas Gumm, 

Savannah, Ga.

“Dallas is extremely knowledgeable, returns calls, comes to support the customer when it not convenient for him and always has the heart of a teacher. ”

Dan Dunson, 

No location given

“He supports the older fleet with the same interest as the latest and greatest.”

Dave Winkler, 

Savannah, Ga.

“Dave knows what true customer service and support means. He is always available. Receives our PlaneConnect messages and has a voicemail on your phone upon landing, to ensure all is okay and if we need any further assistance. Knows how to work the proper channels within Gulfstream and get the right answers and quick resolution to any issues. Takes a very personal interest in our operation and is an extension of our internal maintenance staff. Very reliable.”

David Kluck, 

Savannah, Ga.

“Sets the standard for FSR's / local customer support. Makes the other manufacturers I have dealt with pale by comparison. We will be losing him soon as he is moving on in the company. He will be missed in Southern Cal.”

Eric Green, 

London, UK

“Always very quick to respond and gets things moving ”

James Albritton, 

Asia region

“When a problem develops and has to be addressed in the Asia region, you need a person who can handle all of the special logistics required to get the job handled expeditiously and effectively. James is the tech rep that will make this happen!”

Jerry Runyon, 

Houston, Texas

“He is always available, 24/7.”

“Jerry always is there when the chips are down with a solution no matter, if he is on vacation or not.”

Jim Beebe, 

Denver, Colo.

“Always eager to jump in and help, never hesitates, he gets it done!”

“Jim is the Gulfstream field service rep for Colorado and is an outstanding service rep. He is the benchmark. Always available, knowledgeable and helpful.”

“Jim is the best tech rep in the industry hands down.”

Larry Knox, 

Dulles, Va.

“As a tech rep, Larry goes out of his way to do a fantastic job. Great Guy!”

Mark Burns, 

Savannah, Ga.

“Mark has been a great follow-on to Larry Flynn and can be justly proud of advancing Gulfstream's product commitments to the customer.”

Mark Soloman, 

Chicago, Ill.

“Simply the best ever.”

“Mark has ALWAYS given us great support, day or night. His expert knowledge of the G-IV is outstanding. Not much can stump him. Couple this with a pleasant personality and a sincere interest in solving problems makes him an invaluable asset to our operation.”

Nicolas Robinson, 


“Very supportive, always available, goes above and beyond to make sure that the customer gets the assistance and support he needs in time and delivered.”

Pat Downing, 

Basel, Switzerland

“National sales manager, products support sales. Yes, a salesman. Pat's primary objective always seems to be to take care of his customers. In all of my contact with him...I felt like he was really, genuinely interested in making things right for us. Whatever we asked for he entertained and argued for the company and then went to the company and argued for us. He held their feet to the fire and kept following up until he or we got a satisfactory answer. Outstanding work ethic.”

Sean Swanson, 

Savannah, Ga.

“Accurate, owns his position, dedicated to do the right thing for company and customer. He represents a team of employees who share the same beliefs and passion. All these team members should be recognized. ”

Tom MacIntosh, 

Westfield, Mass.

“Great knowledge, integrity and common sense.”

Terry Bethel, 

Savannah, Ga.

“Terry was our G450 program manager. Through his dedication and expertise we were able to successfully accept our new G450 into service.”

Tony Taylor, 

East Coast



Mike has been our contact in Wichita for a decade now. He has proven to be committed to customer service on every visit.

After 12 years having Mike taking care of our plane,we just want to say that he and his crew goes over and over to give the Best in the industry customer support for his clients.

I've known Mike since 1997 and he has been always very helpful with us.
He is a great person to deal with, very frendly and he will go all the way to help a customer.
He really deserves the recognition.

Mark Hand is extrodinary in every way. His technical knowledge is superb , his customer service is world class. He was the key to my success as the DOM of a corporate shuttle fleet. Mark goes way above and beyond for his company and customers.
Embraer is a great company with exceptional people and product!!

If I was told the survival of my department depended on getting my broken Gulfstream working right now, my first call would be to Jim Beebe, period. They do don't come any better. He is the walking definition of real Technical Support. This statement of opinion turned hard fact not so long ago should encourage Gulfstream to please find more like him (if possible).

Thank you Jim.


Mike Fleming, taking care of our plane for 4 years, always had a god job, and give me excellent suport in Wichita.
Thanks Mike.

Sergio Azevedo, from Brazil.

If anyone has any contact information for Leonardo Ruiz at BIO Aerospace, I would love to thank him personally for his work.



Yancy Everhart - If you ever want a Honeywell Rep. you can't contact via phone or e-mail, he's your man.

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