Above and Beyond: Providers of Exceptional Product Support and Service

 - August 8, 2012, 2:09 PM


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Jack Wolf, 

Minneapolis, Minn.

“Jack has the difficult job of getting it done when the company has made some poor choices. Jack is honest with me and is willing to give me the bad news even if it hurts. He is a great rep. ”

Joao De Toni, 


“Extremely well prepared, very good relationship with customers and excellent tech support.”

John Petersen, 

Seattle, Wash.

“When I call with a question or problem, he will get back to me quickly, will either find a solution or someone who does and then explains it so I understand. Not being a avionics person, it really helps to have someone who does this and does not act like I am an imbecile.”

Rick Stanley, 

Southeast U.S.

“This guy goes out of his way to keep his team available to the customer and has a can-do attitude. He always follows up (and so does his team ) and always keeps the customer informed on the status of their project or concern. ”

Tim Kelly, 

Kansas City, Mo.

“When we have upgraded, he has always tried to stay on top of the situation and he will give you the truth whether it is good or bad news. He is a straight shooter.”

John Braidich, 

Cleveland, Ohio

“John has been the best resource for us for years on our Honeywell equipment. He has always been here to help us and help direct us through any issues we have had.”

Ed Leadley, 

No location given

“Ed, always has good advice and knows what he is doing. You can get him almost any time. And he calls you back. ”

“ Ed Leadly is OUTSTANDING, he really acts as a buffer and gets the work done ”

“I called Ed "APU" Leadley at 0430 in the morning and he answered his phone and helped me out!!!!!! Enough said about Ed!”

“Our field service engineer,Ed Leadley, goes above and beyond with his support and response”


Mike has been our contact in Wichita for a decade now. He has proven to be committed to customer service on every visit.

After 12 years having Mike taking care of our plane,we just want to say that he and his crew goes over and over to give the Best in the industry customer support for his clients.

I've known Mike since 1997 and he has been always very helpful with us.
He is a great person to deal with, very frendly and he will go all the way to help a customer.
He really deserves the recognition.

Mark Hand is extrodinary in every way. His technical knowledge is superb , his customer service is world class. He was the key to my success as the DOM of a corporate shuttle fleet. Mark goes way above and beyond for his company and customers.
Embraer is a great company with exceptional people and product!!

If I was told the survival of my department depended on getting my broken Gulfstream working right now, my first call would be to Jim Beebe, period. They do don't come any better. He is the walking definition of real Technical Support. This statement of opinion turned hard fact not so long ago should encourage Gulfstream to please find more like him (if possible).

Thank you Jim.


Mike Fleming, taking care of our plane for 4 years, always had a god job, and give me excellent suport in Wichita.
Thanks Mike.

Sergio Azevedo, from Brazil.

If anyone has any contact information for Leonardo Ruiz at BIO Aerospace, I would love to thank him personally for his work.



Yancy Everhart - If you ever want a Honeywell Rep. you can't contact via phone or e-mail, he's your man.

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