Steecon Enterprises Is More Than Doors

 - August 8, 2012, 8:25 AM

In its 30th year in business, 25 of them manufacturing aircraft pocket doors, Steecon has expanded its business to include hi-lo single- and dual-pedestal tables in both electric and manual variants.

According to corporate accounts manager Julie Erickson, the product list also includes an electric side-ledge table, monitor lifts and mounts and even an electric version of its curved pocket door.

Erickson emphasizes that there is no stockroom full of doors awaiting an order at the Huntington Beach, Calif. shop, as virtually every order is customized and one-off. Nevertheless, she said, “Our standard lead time is about 30 days, which our customers think is pretty good.”

Commenting on business activity at the tail end of a recession, Erickson concluded, “So far, we’re on a par with last year and we think it’s going to get better.”