Boeing Operators Warned About Bogus Bearings

 - October 1, 2012, 3:38 PM

An FAA suspected unapproved parts (SUP) investigation has found that National Precision Bearing, a division of Mechatronics and a distributor for Schatz Bearing products, publicly sold Boeing-designed bearings made by Schatz as suitable for installation on a type-certified aircraft.

Although both Schatz Bearing and National Precision Bearing are approved parts sources for Boeing aircraft, that approval through Boeing’s internal supplier control procedures under Product Certification 700 does not extend beyond Boeing, Boeing subcontractors and suppliers for subsequent sale to the airframer itself.

The FAA wants aircraft operators to determine if any of the unapproved parts are installed or sitting in parts departments waiting to be installed. If such parts are found, the agency wants operators to quarantine them to prevent them from being installed on any aircraft.

The FAA also wants to learn how operators discovered and identified the bogus aircraft parts and the actions taken to remove the parts from aircraft and/or parts inventories.