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ATP Introduces the HubConnect App for iPad

 - October 29, 2012, 11:35 AM

ATP is offering the HubConnect document management app and mobile service for the iPad. The app and the mobile service combine ATP’s single-source aircraft aviation document databases with the iPad’s portability. Using the HubConnect app and the HubConnect mobile service, subscribers have instant mobile access to ATP’s library of maintenance publications, regulatory documents and pilot operating handbooks.

“HubConnect is the downloadable app for iPad that connects it to the ATP aviation hub online service, where you can have full access to your entire library of subscriptions purchased through ATP and other support services,” said David Perkins, ATP’s senior marketing manager. “It also allows you to download into your iPad maintenance manuals, publications and other subscription items. The app allows you to choose whatever documents you want, giving you 24/7 non-Internet-required access to those documents. Otherwise you have full access to everything if you have Internet access.”

The ATP aviation hub online service provides access to more than 750 maintenance libraries from more than 50 manufacturers and a regulatory library encompassing FAA, EASA and ICAO regulations. Users also have access to pilot operating handbooks from most major aircraft manufacturers.

Customers can subscribe to the OEM library via the ATP aviation hub online service and have the option of subscribing to the HubConnect mobile service, which provides access to their publications via the iPad. The subscription includes the necessary iPad app. The cost of the HubConnect service is $79.99 a year per user. The cost of a subscription to the OEM library varies, depending upon manufacturer.

“The nice thing about getting it from ATP is you can get all your OEM manuals, airframe, engine, props, components and regulatory information from one source in one online system,” said Perkins. o