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Wyvern Wingman Program Continues to Grow

 - October 29, 2012, 3:40 PM

Wyvern, a global aviation safety auditing, consulting and information services company, recently announced that its Wingman portfolio–flight departments that have undergone the Wyvern audit process–has now grown to more than 120 companies in 29 countries. “Our standards far exceed government regulatory requirements,” according to the company. This mean, Wyvern added, that only companies with a demonstrated commitment to safety make the effort to become a Wyvern Wingman.

Operators must successfully pass a two- to three-day on-site audit that reviews a flight operator’s flight and maintenance operations, as well as its safety management system. Wyvern added that, “Operators that pass the on-site audit also agree to post-auditing reviews of information regarding aircraft and crew.” Wyvern then verifies the information on a daily basis to ensure validation of the standard throughout the life of the recommendation.