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IS&S Joins the Integrated Standby Display Marketplace

 - October 30, 2012, 5:36 PM
NextGen Cockpit/IP II flight deck

Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) is introducing a new, integrated multifunction standby unit (IMSU) for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft that measures, processes and displays altitude, airspeed, slip/skid and navigation data in a single display. The unit features a high-resolution LCD with LED backlighting that automatically adjusts for cockpit lighting.

IS&S president Shahram Askapour said the unit is suitable for retrofit and OEM installations. It includes an integral air data module for independent display of altitude, airspeed and Mach number and offers an optional battery module that provides one hour of operation in the event of electrical failure. Other available options for the IMSU include night vision goggle compatibility, external magnetometer interface, standby radio management unit, alternate navigator functionality and RVSM compliance.

IS&S (Booth No. 4331) also is launching its NextGen Cockpit/IP II flight deck, which supports dual FMS, electronic charts, satellite weather, synthetic vision, integrated Taws and enhanced vision system.

Features of the system’s integrated FMS include: coupled Waas/LPV approaches, full RNP compliance, required time of arrival, dual FMS with synthetic DME capability, three GPS receivers compliant with ADS-B OUT requirements, dual remote-control radios and remote audio control management. The system’s integrated electronic flight bag includes instrument approaches and airport diagrams; moving maps with flight plan, airspace, high and low airways, runway, navaid and intersection overlays; XM WX satellite weather; electronic checklists; and display and control of enhanced vision system imagery.