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Stacom1 Offers Internet Cost Control Solution

 - October 30, 2012, 3:50 PM

In a world of accelerating Internet and Wi-Fi costs, Satcom1 is putting on the brakes. For a long time, said the Danish satellite systems provider (Booth No. 1891), owners and operators have been “immensely bothered” by the fact that they have to spend an excessive amount of additional man-hours tracking months of SwiftBroadband Internet usage on board the aircraft in order to bill the charter customer. The process, the company added, has led to additional expenses for both the financial as well as operations departments.

Satcom1 has unveiled its Satcom1 Flight Billing solution, “an independent tool that enables the aircraft owner or charter operator to eliminate any unplanned SwiftBroadband costs as the charter customer is billed directly while in the air by use of a credit card or by voucher cards from the charter operator.” According to international sales manager Jimmy Larsen, voucher cards and Web pages can be customized to match corporate branding and support marketing efforts.