Researcher Hopes To Better Understand East-West Safety Cultures

 - November 5, 2012, 3:38 PM

Ph.D. aviation safety researcher Meng-Yuan Liao is surveying pilots about the cultural differences about aviation safety between pilots operating in the Far East and those flying in Western countries. Taiwan-based Liao plans to publish the results of her efforts in an international safety magazine, as well as share them with AINSafety. “The importance of developing a safety culture is vital to good safety management,” she told AIN. “There are major differences between the Eastern and Western cultures that may affect success in the implementation of a just reporting and learning [safety] culture. This research should provide insights into why pilots [in the Far East] struggle with understanding and following Western safety management systems.” Liao also said she has tried to garner survey input from Chinese pilots, but all of those she has approached to date have refused to participate. The survey is offered in two languages: an English version and a Chinese version. Readers are invited to participate. All responses will be kept confidential, Liao said.