Pilots React Angrily To FAA Re-examination Call

 - November 19, 2012, 2:30 PM

AIN received nearly two dozen comments to an AINSafety story reporting that some pilots who had been tested by FAA designated pilot examiner (DPE), Edward Lane, would need to be re-examined to determine their competency. At the time, the reasons for the agency’s concern about this DPE were not made entirely clear.

One writer said, “I worked my tail off and spent a fortune getting those ratings. Now to be told they’re not valid is wrong. I don’t like lawyers, but now I’m glad to have one. The cost involved for me, though, will be at least $1,000, which I don’t have.” Another correspondent called the FAA a “bunch of clowns” for creating the mess.

Another offered a possible explanation for the entire recall. “These FAA ‘clowns’ you mentioned most likely are saving lives,” he said. “Unless you know the whole story, (which I do) you have nothing to back up your claim. The examiner in question is a joke…..” Another pilot objected to the FAA’s giving him only 15 days to prepare for the retest. “I didn’t prepare for the original practical in 15 days. Why would I be expected to prepare for a re-take in 15 days?”

The FAA declined AIN’s request for an interview and said, “All airmen examined by Edward L. Lane who have received a 44709 letter should contact the Las Vegas FSDO per the letter’s instructions to arrange for a re-examination or to discuss the reason for requesting a delay before the re-examination. Our inspectors will try to accommodate individual pilot needs.”