IAFTP Highlights Best Flight Training Practices

 - December 3, 2012, 1:55 PM

The International Association of Flight Training Professionals (IAFTP) recently challenged its more than 500 flight training education members in more than 50 countries to submit their best training practices for consideration by the group’s advisory board.

IAFTP recognized Canadian flight instructor Alex Burton for providing the best idea during October by suggesting the use of YouTube videos to enhance ground briefings. The board awarded first runner up place to Peter Franks, an Australian instructor for his new perspectives on unusual attitude recovery. The second runner up slot was tied between Italian instructor Enrico Mattiello for his proposal, “Trim Use During the Approach Phase in Visual Patterns,” and Viktor Potesta, a Peruvian instructor who submitted “Developing Intercultural Communications.”

Winners’ experience levels ranged from as little as 1,000 flight hours logged to as many as 15,000 hours.

IAFTP president and CEO Robert Barnes told AIN that flight instructors must be part of discussion on how to improve pilot training. “Not everyone operates in the same regulatory environment, but all instructors are trying to develop competent and safe pilots. It’s fairly well known too that instructors develop their own personal way of teaching individual flying skills,” he said. “The more of these techniques each instructor has available, the more effective the instructor can be. Our job is to share those best practices.”

IAFTP’s membership is free and open to any flight training professional willing to share their training techniques with a worldwide audience.