MEBAA Convention News

Vision Systems Displays Tablet Holder, Connectivity Product

 - December 10, 2012, 9:30 AM

Vision Systems (Stand 200) is here at MEBA with two new cabin products: a tablet support arm called Smart Up, and VisiConnect, a system providing in-flight Internet connectivity. Both are available for all types of business jets.

Smart Up is a motorized-deployment arm that is integrated in the passenger’s armrest. The 3.3-pound device can accommodate any type of tablet in portrait or landscape position, and its orientation can be changed easily. Lyon, France-based Vision Systems said Embraer has already adopted it for its Phenom 300 light business jet.

VisiConnect, meanwhile, offers “a complete satcom solution,” the company said. Depending on the kind of antenna the customer chooses, various Internet speeds are available, from 332 to 864 kbps. This enables a conventional use of Internet, voice and Live TV. “Our customers mainly want access to their email, social networks and voice communications,” a company spokesperson told AIN.

He also explained that passengers using Vision Systems’ products can download an iPod, iPad or Android app to control various window devices, such as the conventional “comfort shade” roller and two more modern window-dimming systems: Noctis and Nuance, both of which can be fitted with light or temperature sensors. Noctis is pricier than Nuance, but faster and capable of higher opacity. Nuance windows are featured on the HondaJet. The company plans to have a factory that will produce both types of polarizing window shades–Nuance and Noctis­–up and running in the U.S. next year.

Both types of windows are now available in variants–Noctis Xlite and Nuance Xlite–that use “composite glass.” This new transparent material for windows has glass-like optical qualities but is certified for aviation applications. “It is very thin, scratch resistant and more durable than today’s Plexiglas [Perspex],” the spokesperson said. It also is up to 50 percent lighter in weight compared to standard polycarbonate shades, claims the company.

Vision Systems is also promoting its Eclipse “privacy wall,” which can instantly switch from transparent to “private,” ensuring privacy in particular areas of a jet while letting light through.