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Boutsen Aviation Starts In Cabin Interiors

 - December 11, 2012, 3:10 PM
In addition to selling business jets, Boutsen Aviation has an interior cabin design department that offers high-end business jet owners advice about the aesthetics and durability of the linen, crockery and other fine furnishings for their aircraft.

Boutsen Aviation is at the now-underway MEBA show in Dubai for the first time, promoting its new cabin interior department, which specializes in providing linen, crockery and other “loose equipment” for high-end business jets. The Monaco-based company is known for its core enterprise–business jet sales–and claims to have been involved in 247 transactions so far. The company launched its cabin interior department in 2011.

“We want to be the one-stop-shop for cabin comfort,” department head Daniela Boutsen told AIN. She emphasized the valuable advice her team can give to business jet owners–even as far as care of the furnishings. For example, she said, “We have performed washing tests with sheets and towels [so the customer will be informed about linen resistance] because handling companies use tough washing processes.”

Boutsen also has created a database for every customer so they can have a precise inventory of the glasses, plates and so forth on board the aircraft. “If a glass is broken, for instance, we have the reference details and can swiftly order a new one,” she said. She explained that before the database was created, one customer waited four months for a set of six glasses to be replaced, after enduring a tortuous process involving the cabin attendant, the management company and the completion center.

In the near future, she said, she would like to see business jet interiors have some more flair, such as one finds in luxury hotels. “We could choose a tablecloth to match the headrest covers,” she suggested. This would be the final touch of customization Daniela Boutsen has been dreaming about.

The company provides custom services for business jets ranging from midsize to large cabin, such as Airbus ACJs and Boeing BBJs. It does not design cabin interiors but partners with completion centers like AMAC Aerospace and Jet Aviation.

Boutsen Aviation employs nine in Monaco and has one representative here in Dubai. CEO Thierry Boutsen said he is considering further development in the region.