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Ovation Select Certified, Delivered For Middle East BBJ

 - December 12, 2012, 6:00 AM

Honeywell (Stand 625) has received EASA certification of its Ovation Select cabin management system (CMS) for the Boeing BBJ and, in partnership with Jet Aviation, delivered the first system to a BBJ3 customer in the Middle East. Jet Aviation Basel (Stand 590) did the completion project on the BBJ3, including installation of a Honeywell MCS-7200 satellite communications system.

“Through our close working partnership with Honeywell’s European project team,” said Neil Boyle, vice president of completions, Jet Aviation Basel.We have been able to complete the EASA certification process of Ovation Select on time and provide our customer with one of the most advanced BBJ cabins in the world.”

The Ovation Select installation with satcom provides access to in-cabin streaming of data to mobile devices and computers. Other Ovation Select features, all running on an Ethernet backbone, include JetMap HD, with a 3-D high-definition moving map offering 14 perspectives and a terrain database with 15-meter-resolution satellite imagery; “crystal-clear surround sound” audio, Blu-ray video and digital communication distribution in the cabin; display of real-time images from external aircraft cameras; and control of lighting, seats, temperature, window shades and galley calling from each seat.

Honeywell also announced a new auxiliary power unit (APU) maintenance plan (AMP) for Boeing Business Jets. The AMP covers service and repair of Honeywell 131-9B APUs installed on Boeing 737-600 through -900 series models and BBJ-configured 737s. Providing coverage under a 60-month rolling contract, the AMP can be transferred to a new owner when the aircraft is sold. Coverage includes on-condition unscheduled heavy maintenance at service centers in the U.S., China, Germany and Singapore, and AMP participants also get special rates for rental APUs as well as compliance with alert and recommended service bulletins.