Boeing and Embraer Co-Develop Runway Safety Tool

 - December 24, 2012, 3:35 PM

Embraer and Boeing have collaborated on a product called the runway situational awareness (RSA) tool to help reduce runway excursions. The announcement comes eight months after the two airframers agreed to look for ways to cooperatively enhance the value of both companies, and a couple of weeks after rival Airbus took a similar initiative.

Boeing and Embraer will initially provide customers with new pilot procedures and a training video devoted to landing performance based on data analysis of past incidents. The next enhancement to the RSA tool involves jointly developing flight deck technology and associated systems to improve pilot information about approach and landing. Both manufacturers believe pilots flying other commercial aircraft could use the tools to reduce runway excursions, supporting overall industry safety.

“Runway excursions are one of the three major contributors to aviation accidents,” said Paulo Cesar Silva, president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation. “We firmly believe that a robust set of pilot procedures, training and new technology will substantially reduce these events.” According to the companies, runway excursions involving the global fleet accounted for 15 out of a total of 79 fatal accidents between 2002 and 2011 and resulted in more than 780 fatalities. No date has been set for the initial release of the RSA.