FAA Announces New ADS-B Terminal Services

 - December 24, 2012, 3:30 PM

Pilots who operate ADS-B-equipped aircraft in any of seven U.S. terminal airspace regions can now take advantage of free air traffic advisories and weather information. The areas include Fairbanks (FAI) in Alaska; Lansing (LAN) in Michigan; Moses Lake (MWH), Pasco (PSC) and Yakima (YKM) in Washington state; as well as Waterloo (ALO) in Iowa; and Youngstown (YNG) in Ohio.

For an operator to take advantage of the traffic information services (TIS-B), aircraft ADS-B units must use the 978 UAT and 1090 MHz extended squitter. When properly equipped, pilots will also be able to access aviation routine weather reports (Metars), special aviation reports (Specis), terminal area forecasts (TAFs) and amendments, Nexrad (regional and Conus) precipitation maps, notices to airmen (Notams) distant and flight data center, airmen’s meteorological conditions (Airmet), significant meteorological conditions (Sigmets) and convective Sigmet, status of special use airspace (SUA), temporary flight restrictions (TFRs), winds and temperatures aloft, and pilot reports (Pireps).