New York Center Updates Oceanic Procedures

 - January 28, 2013, 2:51 PM

New York Center plans to change how eastbound IFR traffic receives oceanic clearances before entering minimum navigational performance standard (MNPS) airspace. The procedural changes will apply only to aircraft entering oceanic airspace from an FAA air traffic management facility.

Beginning on February 5, the FAA will consider the en route clearance received at a departure airport to be equivalent to the route portion of the aircraft’s oceanic clearance (a standard oceanic clearance consists of a route, an altitude and an assigned speed). Altitude and speed items will be issued before entry into the New York Center Oceanic (CTA).

Having received all three components, the FAA will consider an oceanic clearance to have been delivered. Pilots can still expect that unsolicited route, altitude or speed changes might occur to accommodate traffic. Crews are also reminded that the last assigned route, altitude and speed are to be maintained and should be considered the new oceanic profile.