Pilot Stunt Endangered People on Ground

 - January 28, 2013, 2:20 PM

It’s difficult for any pilot to deny a stunt endangered people on the ground when the entire event is captured on video and broadcast around the world by ABC News. In this case, Jason Newburg of Viper Airshows now finds himself the subject of an FAA investigation into his flight last week within inches of a person driving an all-terrain vehicle on the runway at Lancaster Airport (LNC) southeast of Dallas.


He was hardly "within inches" of the man on the ATV--more like "within yards." But he -was- "within inches" of the woman (you can hear her scream) who was filming the stunt. Small point, but it does make me wonder if you took the time to watch the infamous video.

I actually did watch the video but you are correct. My description was off, something I managed to fix thanks to your eagle-eyed comment.


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