GA Groups Propose Changes to TSA Security Guidelines

 - February 21, 2013, 3:40 PM

A working group that counted 16 representatives from general aviation organizations, including NBAA, submitted a list of proposed revisions late last week to the Transportation Security Administration’s security guidance for GA airports. The document, originally published by the agency in 2004, contains voluntary guidelines and recommendations for GA airport owners, operators and users to address aviation security concepts, technology and enhancements.

“There were a variety of factors to consider,” noted NBAA vice president for safety, security and regulation Doug Carr, co-chair for the GA subgroup that was tasked with recommending any changes. Among the topics reviewed by the working group were increased focus on security guidelines for flight schools, improved airport fencing and the use of gated access and closed-circuit television feeds to monitor ground traffic into secure areas.

“We’re largely talking about tweaks to the existing guidelines, rather than wholesale changes,” he said. The changes suggested by the working group are under review by the TSA, and the final version of the revised guidelines is expected to be published this summer. Carr does not expect the final document to include any substantial changes from the draft proposal.


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