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Eurocopter Inaugurates Querétaro Facility

 - March 4, 2013, 11:30 AM

Eurocopter held an inauguration event last month to celebrate its new manufacturing center of excellence in Querétaro, Mexico. The facility is located at the Aerotech Industrial Park. In addition to manufacturing tail booms for Ecureuil helicopters, the center also makes structures for Airbus doors and houses a new 11,000-sq-ft Ecureuil maintenance facility. Eurocopter has been active in Mexico for 50 years and also celebrated the 30th anniversary of its Eurocopter de Mexico subsidiary. In Querétaro, Eurocopter will create about 200 jobs. “The importance of Eurocopter’s industrial commitment to Mexico is demonstrated by the role of Querétaro as the sole manufacturing source for all the aircraft components it will produce,” said Serge Durand, the CEO of Eurocopter de Mexico. “This makes the new facility a vital element in Eurocopter’s global supply chain.”