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Freedom Aero Emphasizes Fewer Maintenance Visits

 - March 4, 2013, 11:20 AM

Freedom Aero Services (Booth No. C2029) is highlighting its range of equipment repair options and solutions at Heli-Expo ’13, even though those systems result in fewer maintenance opportunities down the road for the company.

“We’re up to 25 repair processes now,” Freedom’s Wayne Burk told AIN. “Sometimes we even put ourselves out of business in certain areas because we find better fixes for [our customers] so they don’t need to visit our shop as often. On the other hand, we have a satisfied customer that knows they won’t have problems.”

One example of that mindset is the availability of the RC Allen 2600-3A three-inch electric digital horizon, which replaces a gyroscopic attitude indicator with solid-state electronics and accelerometers, a vibration-resistant solution better suited for helicopters. “The older gyros only lasted around 300 to 400 hours, but we’ve seen this gyro mounted in helicopters for two to three years without any failures,” Burk said.

Freedom also recently announced two new approved repair processes for the Eurocopter AS350 and EC130. FRS-12 is a repair for Start Cards (PM 350A67-5110-01 and 350A67-4160-00) and FRS-16 allows modification of the ME Box (PN 37GC01Y021) to add an additional power bus to the component–a solution costing less that $1,000, Burk noted, as opposed to “between $6,000 and $8,000” for a new multi-bus ME Box.

The company also recently signed an exclusive partnership with Can West Components. Under the agreement, Can West will market Freedom’s repair, maintenance and exchange capabilities in Canada, while Freedom will sell Can West’s component line including cargo hooks, wiper motors and magnetic braking systems.