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Rebtech Announces STC’d Night Vision Goggle Mod

 - March 5, 2013, 2:25 PM

Night vision goggle (NVG) technology provider Rebtech, of Bedford Texas, announced the initial night-vision compatible conversion of an AS350B3 owned and operated by rotor training provider HeliStream. Rebtech (Booth No. N4724) provided both the supplemental type certified equipment and integration support for the conversion. Rebtech also modified the aircraft’s external lighting. The NVG-compatible lighting inside and outside the helicopter will allow HeliStream to provide specialized NVG training for both initial pilot transition and recurrent training. Rebtech said it will equip additional helicopters for HeliStream to enable additional customer-specific training.

Rebtech has performed lighting modifications and installations for military and civilian customers in more than eight countries and can provide design, engineering and developmental services for military or civil aircraft applications.