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Revue Thommen Shines Infrared

 - March 6, 2013, 3:00 PM
Ulrich Dembinski, CEO of Revue Thommen, announced that the company has sold the first lot of searchlights to a major OEM. The company is not yet disclosing the customer.

Revue Thommen unveiled a new, compact searchlight with optional infrared (IR) filtering and laser-designator capability here at Heli-Expo.

The HSL-1600 can be slaved to onboard forward-looking infrared system (FLIR) camera systems and helmet sight systems and has built-in integration circuitry, eliminating the need for remote junction boxes or intermediate cabling. The $70,000 unit (base price) can be operated via up to two independent hand controls or from a helicopter’s cyclic or collective grips and can be connected to any digital map or tracking system via a built-in interface.

A 1,600-Watt Xenon short-arc lamp provides a 4,800-foot detection range and a variable beam spread from 4 to 20 degrees. The optional IR filter gives NVIS capability up to 3,000 feet. The new light has faster movement in all directions than previous models, instant reversibility, programmable stops and “keep out zones” that allow the light to transition around heat-sensitive items like antennas.

Revue Thommen expects to have STC approval in the next 60 days. Mandatory operator training is required.

The new light features forced cooling with high-performance ventilators, a 5,000-hour mean time between failure for the unit and a bulb life of 1,000 hours. The company estimates bulb replacement costs at $1,200.

The HSL-1600 builds on Revue Thommen’s TSL-1600, a model with the same mechanics but without the IR capability.