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Timken Focuses on Aftermarket Solutions at Heli-Expo 13

 - March 6, 2013, 3:50 PM

If you fly helicopters, you count on Timken. The company has been making bearings, helicopter transmission systems, rotorhead assemblies, turbine engine components, gears and other precision flight-critical components for commercial and military helicopter manufacturers for as long as helicopters have been flying, practically. It has only been in the last eight years, however, that Timken (Booth No. N4836) has been able to provide aftermarket services to the aviation market, according to Larry Shiembob, director, aerospace aftermarket.

“People know Timken for our OEM parts,” he said. “But we are still teaching them that we can repair and overhaul engines, transmissions and fuel controls, repair aerospace bearings and perform component reconditioning. Right now we have 15 different turbine blades certified for the aftermarket. No one has the breadth of product line in turbine blades that we have. That breadth of product line and services is what is unique about us.” Timken has acquired several different companies over the past eight years to allow it to reach into the aftermarket services business, and Shiembob sees growth in Timken’s future.

“Our aerospace team is here at Heli-Expo to highlight our aftermarket capabilities and services, including engine overhaul, component repair and replacement parts,” said Shiembob. “We can do drivetrain overhaul and bearing repair. We can just supply the parts needed for an overhaul. Or we can do the whole engine for customers,” he continued. “We want people to know that. Our focus is servicing the end customer, however they need.”