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Eurocopter Canada Launches Online Technical Publications

 - March 7, 2013, 9:25 AM

Eurocopter Canada (ECL) has launched the first phase of its new online technical publications service, giving customers access to the company’s latest aircraft publications.

The first phase–being rolled out now–posts Eurocopter’s latest technical documents in pdf format on the ECL Keycopter portal. Customers will be able to consult this online library for reference and download and print the desired manuals (or individual documents) for offline use.

More advanced options will follow in the second phase of the deployment, with use of an online interactive viewer similar in format to Eurocopter’s current DVD-based technical programs. Customers will have the option to access publications either by contract or individual aircraft, with the latter option filtering content that applies to each individual aircraft. Separate physical documentation options (paper or DVD) will still be available with the interactive program

“We strive to make all support materials easily accessible for our customers,” said ECL president and CEO Guy Joannes.