HAI Convention News

Sensor Technology Upgrades Load Monitors

 - March 7, 2013, 10:10 AM

Sensor Technology (Booth No. C2432) announced upgrades to the HeliNav LoadMaster wireless load monitoring system for helicopter-mounted cargo hooks at Heli-Expo ’13. The system checks the actual weight of an under-slung load 10 times every second and displays that information on a cockpit-mounted display. The data may also be stored in the system for downloading post-flight. For variable-weight loads such as crop-spraying and multiple lift operations, the company also offers the HeliNav wireless TrackMaster load sensor, which may be connected to a window-or-cockpit-mounted display and offers a comprehensive data read out, or simple readout, based on customer need. Sensor Technology also announced the addition of accelerometer and inclinometer capabilities to the LoadMaster load sensor for large under-slung loads.