US Airways Certified for Safety-Enhancing Technology

 - April 8, 2013, 2:08 PM

The FAA has certified four new SafeRoute flight-deck applications on a US Airways A330 designed to provide “enhanced operational safety,” as it integrates with the agency’s NextGen system. The airline partnered with ACSS, an L-3 Communications/Thales joint venture, and Eurocontrol to complete the installation.

The new technology offers US Airways pilots an interval management tool that uses on-board technology to allow aircraft to safely follow one another in the terminal area, as well as in-trail procedures to improve situational awareness and ease the process of changing altitudes in oceanic airspace. There’s also a cockpit display to assist in visual separation to allow crews to more effectively follow other aircraft on visual approaches to the runway’s end in times of reduced visibility. The system includes a surface area movement management unit with a moving-map display that allows the pilots to track aircraft on the airport, whether they are landing, taking off or taxiing.