EBACE Convention News

Rockwell Collins Showcases Cabin Solutions

 - May 20, 2013, 3:20 AM
Rockwell Collins’ Venue HD cabin management system includes an Airshow 3-D moving map, Apple-enabling Skybox, the Paves family of in-flight entertainment and an HGS flight app.

Rockwell Collins is at EBACE (Booth 423) with its latest offerings, featuring the Venue HD cabin management system (CMS) and the most recent interface innovations–Airshow 3-D moving map, Apple-enabling Skybox, the Paves family of in-flight entertainment (IFE) and an HGS flight app.

IFE is about delivering an experience, one that is highly reliable and tailored to satisfy both passengers and operators,” said Dave Austin, v-p and general manager of cabin systems for Rockwell Collins. Austin added that the role of wireless IFE in the cabin continues to be a topic of growing importance.

The heart of the wireless cabin is Venue, and the new Skybox is “the perfect complement because it wirelessly streams Hollywood-protected video content on demand, including that from an on-board Apple iTunes library, allowing use of up to 10 Apple iOS devices. According to Rockwell Collins, passengers can stream movies, photos or business documents from devices to cabin displays, and the one-terabyte library provides users with ample storage for the sharable files.

The new Paves package, claims Rockwell Collins, is “the only single-aisle digital IFE system that offers customizable cabin configurations for airline use and it is scalable to fit large private jets as well.”

The Paves broadcast IFE enhances the passenger experience with a wide range of information and entertainment content while “significantly reducing size, weight and power consumption,” the company said. The HD media server offers 160 gigabytes of solid-state digital audio and video storage, integrated, pre-recorded announcements and music, along with embedded Airshow 3-D moving map.

Paves on-demand in-flight entertainment delivers a more home-like, on-demand experience through an intuitive touch-screen HD interface, backed by an operating system that eliminates single-point failure.

Finally, Paves wireless IFE allows operators to provide passengers with Wi-Fi-accessible content applications and pre-selected Web pages on personal or operator-supplied portable devices.

The enhanced Airshow 4000 3-D moving map includes a new graphic design that uses NASA’s Blue Marble map data, which is based on actual satellite imagery.

Airshow is available as a business aviation mobile application using an iPad via the Apple iTunes App Store. Users of the existing Rockwell Collins Airshow 4000 or Venue HD CSM will be able to take advantage of the new app through a system upgrade. The new Airshow application leverages iPad technology, including its gyroscope and accelerometers, to create a dynamic experience tailored to each user. Highlights include:

ŸAn industry first panorama view that allows passengers to see a moving map of the outside world from any direction the iPad is pointed.

ŸIntuitive, touch-enabled interaction with multiple maps and information displays, and the ability to control the Airshow ticker, which scrolls key information related to the flight, such as estimated time of arrival.

ŸA 3-D graphical depiction of world time zones from anywhere a passenger chooses.

Finally, Rockwell Collins is promoting its HGS flight app for the iPad. Introduced in 2012 to allow users to experience the company’s head-up guidance system (HGS) with synthetic vision, the app demonstrates the benefits HGS brings to flight operators by allowing users to simulate flights using real-life advanced features that permit more precise flying.

At the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) in April, Rockwell Collins introduced the HGS flight app with an alternative Mandarin Chinese language format. According to a spokesman, when the app is fired up, it immediately offers the user a choice of English or Mandarin and, to date, Rockwell Collins has recorded more than 55,000 downloads.