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Block Upgrade Available For Challenger 300 Avionics

 - May 23, 2013, 7:15 AM
Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Advanced is available as a retrofit for Challenger 300s.

Bombardier is offering an avionics block upgrade for its Challenger 300 in response to interest by operators in the Pro Line 21 Advanced system that comes standard in the new Challenger 350, the company announced here yesterday. Bombardier plans to introduce the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 retrofit as service bulletins during this year’s third quarter. Representing what Bombardier v-p of sales, marketing and service programs Gary Martin characterized as an effort to help strengthen and protect the brand, the new avionics suite will allow for LPV and RNP approaches and come with optional Rockwell Collins MultiScan weather radar and synthetic vision.

Other flight management system improvements include a significant FMS database upload time reduction, a worldwide database memory size capability up to the year 2025 and no battery needed in the flight management computer. The FMS fully supports new options for RNP AR 0.3 and FANS 1/A.

Primary flight display (PDF) improvements include a wall-to-wall ADI display and flight path vector for aircraft equipped with inertial reference systems. Enhancements to the integrated flight information system (IFIS) allow for automatic depiction of airport charts upon landing and reduced pilot workload through better chart capabilities.

Enhancements to the existing XM satellite weather option allow for increased coverage—namely, Canada and Puerto Rico—and animated Nexrad images. The optional MultiScan radar offers more effective and automatic thunderstorm and turbulence detection, auto-tilt function and terrain clutter removal.

Another option—Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1A—increases airspace capacity, cuts fuel burn and minimizes trip duration over oceanic and remote areas, mainly through reduced separation between airplanes, access to upcoming RNP 4 dedicated routes and no altitude loss when crossing to other aircraft tracks. The Inmarsat-based satcom part of the system includes one SwiftBroadband channel (432 kbps) for cabin Internet and a Wi-Fi router.

Meanwhile, the RNP AR 0.3 option translates into shorter routes and fuel savings, faster landing clearance and better access to “terrain challenged” airports and congested airspace.

Although Martin said the company has worked out some of the commercial terms associated with the upgrade, pricing—as well as when the first upgrades appear on an airplane–will depend on what options individual customers choose. The individual service bulletins associated with the Pro Line 21 Advanced package include the complete avionics block upgrade (FMC 6200, LPV, RNP basic approaches, PFD and IFIS enhancements), the synthetic vision system, the MultiScan weather radar, FANS 1/A+ (CPDLC and ADS-C) and RNP AR 0.3.