Paris Air Show

Imet Helps OEMs Manage Superalloy And Titanium Scrap

 - June 15, 2013, 10:30 AM

Imet Alloys (U.S. Pavilion, Hall 3, AB110), a first-time exhibitor at the Paris Air Show, which describes itself as “an ambitious global company specializing in the control and management of superalloy and titanium from the aviation industry.” Founded by CEO Ruaraidh Williamson in 2011 and headquartered in Monroe, North Carolina, Imet Alloys helps companies control their superalloy and titanium scrap, known in the industry as “revert.”

Williamson was formerly vice president of Caledonian Alloys (founded in 1996 and sold to Precision Cast Parts in 2007), whose co-founder, Hugh Stewart, is also a backer of Imet serving as nonexecutive chairman.

“Working throughout the superalloy and titanium manufacturing supply chains and after-useable-life markets of the aerospace, oil and gas and land-based turbine industries, Imet maximizes the value of material to the generator, offers the mills a cost saving over the prime raw material and helps to conserve precious natural resources,” according to Williamson.