Paris Air Show

L-3 Sees Strong Gains In ADS-B Hardware, Software

 - June 18, 2013, 10:20 AM
Display screen of SafeRoute-ITP (In-Trail Procedures)

L-3 Aviation Products announced that it has established a presence in India and that AgustaWestland has selected L-3’s Trilogy electronic standby instrument for new production A119 helicopters.

In February, L-3 (Chalet A306, Static E170) had announced plans to add “technical support for its customers, engineering oversight for programs and expanded business development coverage” at the India Air Show in February. “The local presence advances L-3’s long-term business growth in the emerging Indian aerospace sector, as well as the region,” according to L-3.

The Trilogy selection by AgustaWestland makes the electronic standby instrument (ESI) available for forward-fit installation in the A119, both commercial and military models. Trilogy replaces three analog instruments typically used as standby gauges in many aircraft, combining in one 3.7-inch LCD attitude, altitude, airspeed and optional heading data. Trilogy is manufactured to Level A standards and offers emergency backup capability with a built-in lithium-ion battery. The battery backs up automatically whenever power is available and loses very little power when the Trilogy isn’t being used. The Trilogy internal computer constantly monitors maximum capacity and warns pilots when replacement is due.

L-3’s GH-3900 ESI is standard on new-production Beechcraft King Air C90, 350 and 350 models.

Here at the Paris Air Show, in addition to the ESI and other products, L-3 Aviation is showcasing the significant progress that it has made in supplying NextGen equipment to airlines. L-3 recently delivered its 100th XS-950 ADS-B-out Mode S transponder, which is DO-260B certified. DO-260B “is the highest level of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast transmission (ADS-B out) available and meets the approaching mandate for the FAA’s NextGen airspace initiatives,” according to L-3.

The 100 L-3 XS-950 transponders are installed on Boeing 757s, 767s and 747s, MD-11s, and Airbus A300s, A320s and A330s. Operators that use the XS-950 include UPS, US Airways and JetBlue.

Having the XS-950 installed not only helps these operators take advantage of ADS-B capabilities but also new features that L-3 has developed, such as its suite of SafeRoute applications. SafeRoute, which also offers a number of unique ADS-B in functions, is now certified on 20 Airbus A330s.

“None of our competitors are able to deliver transponders with this capability,” said L-3 Aviation president Kris Ganase. “Our transponders are out there flying and working, and our competitors are still struggling to get there. We’re way ahead as far as NextGen is concerned, and operators are getting operational benefits.”

Ganase expects that L-3 will deliver the next 100 NextGen transponders much quicker than the first 100. “It’s ramping up now. We have certification programs with every OEM for the DO-260B transponder.” o