Paris Air Show

Turbomeca Unveils Engine For New Bell Single-engine Helicopter

 - June 19, 2013, 11:15 AM
Turbomeca’s Arrius 2R turboshaft will power Bell’s in-development “short, light single” or SLS helicopter. Turbomeca president and CEO Olivier Andries, left, shakes hands with Bell Helicopter president and CEO John Garrison at the unveiling.

Among a crush of onlookers at the Paris Air Show on Monday, Turbomeca and Bell unveiled the Arrius 2R turboshaft, which is destined to power the new Bell “short, light single” (SLS) helicopter. Olivier Andries (left), Turbomeca chairman and CEO, said, “We are incredibly excited to be working with Bell Helicopter. Our teams have been working together for some time now on this project.”

The Arrius, which provides power in the 450- to 550-shp class, will be controlled by dual Fadecs and will meet ICAO Stage 4 noise targets.

John Garrison, president and CEO of Bell Helicopter, said the performance goals for the SLS helicopter include a speed of 125 knots, a range from 360 to 420 nautical miles, a useful load of 1,500 pounds and a ceiling of 11,000 feet. Bell plans to fly the SLS next year and certify it as soon as possible thereafter. The company also expects to formally name the new helicopter at Heli-Expo 2014.

Turbomeca has delivered 3,000 Arrius engines and the fleet has accumulated more than 6 million flight hours. The Arrius 2R engine will have a 3,000-hour TBO.