NavCanada Will Scrap Some ATC Fee Exemptions

 - June 24, 2013, 2:40 PM

NavCanada has announced a plan to eliminate an exemption to its standard en-route service charges on Oct. 13, 2013, as they apply to certain types of flights. Explaining the June 17 announcement, a NavCanada spokesman said the exemption is no longer equitable to all users and so is unwarranted. Currently, aircraft operating between airports staffed by NavCanada personnel and those with no certified personnel pay no en-route navigation charges. However, aircraft operating above 60 degrees North latitude or those already paying a flat daily rate for services will be unaffected by the changes. While NavCanada says it has not modified its fees since September 2008, the organization believes the change is necessary because the number of aircraft of increasing size using the exemption is rising significantly.