Aircare Crews Staffing Offers Crews Free Emergency Procedures Training

 - June 25, 2013, 11:45 AM
Aircare Crews Staffing now offers free emergency procedures training to its contract crewmembers.

Aircare Crews Staffing, based in Olympia, Wash., announced during the 2013 NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Conference that it now rewards its contracted pilots and flight attendants with free annual Aircare FACTS emergency procedures training. The program is designed to offset the annual cost of training often paid by freelance pilots and flight attendants who work regularly for Aircare Crews Staffing. Qualifying crew can attend any Aircare FACTS Training three-day initial or two-day recurrent training course at no charge (the training typically costs $5,000).

“We are so excited about this incentive. Pilots who fly 12 days in one calendar year through us can receive this training,” said Scott Arnold, director of Aircare Crews Staffing. A similar arrangement exists for cabin crew. “We had always given our crew an employee discount, but this is much more,” he continued. “The program is a win-win-win. I was a contract corporate flight attendant before coming to my position at Aircare Crews Staffing, and I understand how much of an incentive free emergency procedures or recurrent training can be for a contract flight or cabin crew employee.”

Aircare Crews Staffing, a member of the Aircare Solutions Group, is a client service provider for flight departments worldwide. “When a client has a special need, we place the employee that matches the flight department, both in necessary skills and personality,” explained Arnold.