Experts Urge Caution When Flying to Egypt

 - July 15, 2013, 1:30 PM
Thomas Winn is the interim director of the University of Houston Downtown Master of Security Management for Executives program.

With many eyes focused on Egypt since the downfall of President Morsi, business aircraft operators are wondering about their next trip to the region. Thomas Winn, interim director of the Master of Security Management for Executives program at the University of Houston Downtown, told AIN, “If a trip to Egypt isn’t business essential right now, it should wait until all of Egypt gets re-examined. There’s obvious instability in the region, and I’m concerned about the potential for violence and retaliation.”

But the recent uptick in local violence in Egypt doesn’t mean the country is completely off limits, as long as the right protective measures are in place. “If you do need to go,” Winn said, “make sure all passengers and crew realize that you now need more than just a driver in Egypt. You need an executive driver–one with security training–and a security protection agent. The security agent knows the local scene and can quickly alter a route on the ground to keep you out of trouble. Anytime you have an elevated threat like this, it borders on irresponsible not to use someone who understands the local security scene. Remember, if you don’t know where you’re going in a foreign country, it’s pretty easy to end up in the wrong place.”

Winn suggested sites that offer up-to-date security news for free.