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Rockwell Collins Agrees To Buy Arinc For $1.4 Billion

 - August 14, 2013, 8:30 AM

Rockwell Collins has agreed to buy Arinc Inc. from The Carlyle Group for $1.39 billion. The purchase is subject to “regulatory approvals and other customary conditions,” according to Rockwell Collins, which announced the deal late on Sunday.

“We’ve always been interested in Arinc’s core aviation business,” said Kelly Ortberg, CEO of Rockwell Collins. The U.S.-based data and communications specialist serves airlines, airports, aircraft operators, maintenance facilities, regulators and air traffic control providers as well as the railway, industrial security and public safety segments. Its Arinc Direct (Stand 2008) unit focuses on the needs of business aircraft operators.

Ortberg sees the acquisition as complementary for Rockwell Collins, which focuses on airborne information-enabled equipment for flight decks and cabins. Arinc’s ground-based data network and radio communications network deals with airlines, airports, airport security and other elements. “As these come together,” he said, “we’ll be able to provide end-to-end solutions, from the generator of the information to the consumer of the information. ”

Rockwell Collins has been taking steps to strengthen the security of the information that it generates and handles on behalf of customers, and this is also a key part of Arinc’s work. “Security of data is an important issue,” Ortberg said. “We’ve been investing heavily in onboard information architectures to protect and isolate the important data between the flight deck and the cabin. [Arinc] has the same thing on the ground: secure communications to interface with the FAA and air traffic control, but also with proprietary airline data, passenger manifests and credit card information.”

Here at LABACE (Stand 2007), Rockwell Collins is showcasing its business aviation aftermarket and flight services products. These include Pro Line 21 avionics, which are retrofittable to a variety of business turboprops and jets, Ascend flight information solutions, Venue cabin management and entertainment system and HeliSure situational awareness solutions.

“We’re well positioned in the region to deliver innovative, competitive solutions that enhance flight decks for more efficient operations and to modernize cabins to support the latest consumer technology,” said Nelson Aquino, managing director, Rockwell Collins in Brazil. “Our expertise in providing world-class flight services is particularly valuable for major events, such as next year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. We successfully assisted more than 500 aircraft movements during the recent London Olympics. Based on our experience, now is the time for flight departments to begin booking slots and parking–they will fill up fast.”