FAA Updates Notam Format for Airport Operators

 - October 7, 2013, 1:00 PM

The FAA published the new version of its Notices to Airmen (Notam) guide–JO 7930.2N–on September 25 to bring airport operators up to ICAO standards. For example, Notams must now include key words or phrases to make them easier to identify and sort. New terms might include RWY, TWY, APRON, AD, OBST, NAV, COM, SVC, AIRSPACE, ODF, SID and STAR among others.

All Notams must also now have an effective and expiration time. Use of EST for estimated time and PERM for permanent changes are further defined. Any Notam that includes an “EST” must be cancelled or replaced before the expiration time specified in the Notam, as the notice will no longer auto-expire.

When a runway condition restricts or precludes the use of any portion of a runway that alters any declared distance, the Notam must include the published takeoff run available, takeoff distance available, accelerate-stop distance available, and landing distance available. The ability to issue pilot-reported field condition covering braking conditions also has been added.