Weather Group Seeks Business Aviation Input

 - October 7, 2013, 1:10 PM

The Friends and Partners of Aviation Weather (FPAW) is looking for feedback from business aviation pilots about the quality of the information delivered through the Aviation Digital Data Service (Adds). The group, founded in 1997, represents a collaborative effort trying to resolve how the aviation weather community can provide pilots the best possible information on conditions, such as adverse wind, low ceilings and visibility and thunderstorms. The group is considering, for instance, whether pilots will choose forecasts delivered sooner or those delivered later, but more accurately.

The Adds website, operated jointly by the FAA and the National Center for Atmospheric Research, is the information delivery tool most visible to pilots, dispatchers and air traffic controllers.

FPAW wants potential and current system users to help set industry priorities by taking their brief anonymous survey. The next FPAW meeting will be held on October 24 at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas.