Canso Outlines Improvement Plans for African ATM

 - October 14, 2013, 2:35 PM

Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (Canso) director general Jeff Poole has laid out proposals to transform air traffic management (ATM) performance in Africa. Speaking at a Canso conference in Abuja, Nigeria, on October 8, Poole highlighted two broad areas of focus in the region: improving runway safety and creating a world-class ATM system that allows aircraft to fly safely across African state borders seamlessly.

In his view, these goals come with a number of challenges, including the current lack of aviation infrastructure and even rudimentary air navigation services in some parts of the continent. Poole added that a review is needed to look at how African airspace can and should be managed.

“Airspace…and air navigation services need to be delivered in line with the operational requirement of airspace users rather than according to national borders,” he said. “States should consider delegating service provision to achieve larger airspace ‘blocks’ to ensure more effective service provision.”

He argued that the required investment in infrastructure is critical to the future development of transport links in Africa. “Aviation is vital to African development, and air traffic management is critical to the safety, growth and development of aviation across the continent,” said Poole. “The ATM industry has made good progress but there is still a long way to go. Both the industry and states can take important measures to further improve safety and transform ATM performance in Africa.”