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InTheAirNet Unveils Android-based Network

 - October 20, 2013, 4:30 AM
InTheAirNet aircraft power entertainment module serves up to 10 passengers, and operates in tandem with a dual USB passenger interface port.

InTheAirNet announced that it received U.S. patent approval September 10 for a new in-flight entertainment (IFE) system for commercial and business aircraft. This is one of a recent series of InTheAirNet patent applications relating to airlines and private jets that the Irvine, Calif.-based electronics specialist believes will reduce both cost and weight for the end user and still provide full features, including the connectivity on which the current market is focused.

According to the company (Booth No. C9637), its patent portfolio aims to enable passenger personal entertainment devices to use “all the full, rich content currently available and can support satellite connectivity from different providers.”

In addition, InTheAirNet claims that the hardware leverages technology from advanced computing and devices that will offer unrivaled flexibility for certification and changes.

“The patented technology will enable InTheAirNet to offer a variety of features and sources that are not available from other manufacturers who maintain a proprietary architecture,” said chairman Michael Rogerson. “That means more choices and competition for the customers.”

Historically, InTheAirNet has been a niche provider of broadcast TV, passenger maps and turnkey IFE systems for private jets. Last year, InTheAirNet unveiled its Transporting Home Experience Reliability (THER) system for providing IFE and communication to large-cabin aircraft as well as single- and twin-aisle executive variants of airliners, from the Airbus A318 through Boeing’s 747-8 and 787. The technology uses a new, distributed, redundant, Android-based network focused around connecting passenger smart devices, thereby eliminating the server-based, head-end-centric systems of the past.

Also being demonstrated at the exhibit is the Android-based Mapp App, which gives users access to an airplane’s map programs via the cabin’s wired or wireless distribution system and to download the data to their portable devices. While Mapp App is Android-based, it also provides the map to devices running Apple and Microsoft operating systems. Mapp App features high-resolution maps, with the option of higher-resolution views of key cities. The program’s digital satellite imagery enables views 40 miles across, anywhere in the world, and city views four miles across. The application can also be customized for destination information and branding graphics.

InTheAirNet is part of the Rogerson group of companies, doing business in 104 countries with airlines, governments and a wide range of operators of new and existing fleets.