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NBAA Presents Support Services Safety Awards

 - October 20, 2013, 7:00 AM

The NBAA Aviation Support Services Safety Award is presented to aviation personnel employed for three or more consecutive years by NBAA member companies primarily for support of corporate/business flight operations and whose company has had no aircraft accidents during their employment period. AIN interviewed two of the recipients, Frank Marchesini and Frank Ciliberti of MARS Aircraft Radio Services.

Frank Marchesini, Manager, 45 Years; Frank Ciliberti, Chief Inspector, Acting Manager, 44 Years, MARS Aircraft Radio Services, Teterboro Airport, N.J.

Frank Marchesini, second on the NBAA Safe Support list, retired as manager of MARS Aircraft Radio Services last year, but still works for the aircraft electronics services and sales firm part time. Frank Ciliberti, who has been chief inspector and is now also acting manager, is third on the list. Marchesini has been with Mars 42 years, and Ciliberti 35 years. Both became interested in aviation while serving in the military. Ciliberti said that the company’s long safety record is due to “double checking everything, being careful and following the rules.”

For a full list of winners, see the NBAA Top 25 Support Services Safety Professionals PDF.


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