NBAA Convention News

Pentagon 2000 Software Streamlines Business Management

 - October 22, 2013, 7:00 AM

Pentagon 2000 Software is on hand here in Las Vegas (Booth No. C9426) to demonstrate its “enterprise resource planning” software for the aerospace industry. “At this year’s exhibits, we [are] fully staffed to meet with both existing customers and new prospects,” company president Gabriel Mofaz, told AIN. “We [are] showing the full set of Pentagon 2000SQL system capabilities, and we have some new e-commerce and mobile applications that will be attractive to attendees.”

The company’s 2000SQL software solution runs in the Microsoft SQL server environment and facilitates user compliance with the regulations of the FAA, EASA, DOD and other entities, for a variety of aviation businesses such as parts distribution and brokerage; equipment MRO; aerospace and defense logistics support and supply-chain management; heavy aircraft maintenance; commercial air fleet operations; and fixed-base operations.

In its parts management functionality, the software features fully integrated barcode capability with warranty tracking and shelf-life tracking. It has preformatted forms for regulatory agencies and can consolidate invoices and shipping documents. In the MRO arena, 2000SQL can support single- and multi-level work orders with integrated teardown, inspection, discrepancy and bill-of-material forms, as well as labor and cost budgeting with automatic notifications for budget overruns.

The company recently released its Pentagon 2000 SQL PDA software, a mobile application that runs on handheld devices, smartphones and tablet computers running Apple’s iOS operating system or industry standard browser technology. The PDA software provides users a capability to enter transactions and access real-time information for sales, purchasing, inventory management and operations tasks.

In the warehouse, staff can use the mobile handheld app in conjunction with barcode features to perform inventory physical counts, receiving operations and stock bin updates, while the sales department can check a customer’s line of credit, product availability and order status while on the road or in a customer’s office.

Maintenance and repair operations team members can document quality defects and manage service contracts. Purchasing and receiving employees can check on the status of incoming stock, receive product into inventory and close manifests while at a stocking location.

Pentagon 2000’s new application and e-commerce tools are part of the company’s strategy to evolve according to user feedback. “We constantly endeavor to stay in tune with what our customers need, so this [convention] provides us an ideal forum to listen and learn about where the market is headed so that we can incorporate important new capabilities into our system,” said Mofaz.