NTSB Plans Asiana 214 Accident Investigation Update

 - October 28, 2013, 1:40 PM

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) plans to convene a two-day investigative hearing on December 10 and 11 to discuss the ongoing investigation of the crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 at San Francisco International Airport last July. The meeting will focus on pilot awareness in highly automated aircraft, emergency response and cabin safety.

To date, the investigator-in-charge and NTSB teams have traveled to Korea and met with officials from Asiana Airlines and the Korean air accidents investigative board to conduct interviews with Asiana management and training personnel, observe Asiana simulator procedures and gather further documentation on airline training and policies.

NTSB maintenance investigators reviewed records for the accident airplane, including work performed on the evacuation slides. The NTSB’s Survival Factors Group conducted an examination of the evacuation slide/raft systems at the manufacturer’s New Jersey headquarters. It also re-examined the wreckage for additional information about the fire propagation and structural damage.

Investigators and party members met in Seattle to examine the recorded flight data and compare it to the expected airplane systems operation.

NTSB’s Systems Group is developing a test plan for the mode control panel while the Vehicle Performance Group is finalizing the event simulation match.

The December hearing will be held at the NTSB’s Board Room and Conference Center in Washington, D.C.