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SR Technics redelivers 100th aircraft from Malta facility

 - November 13, 2013, 10:50 AM

SR Technics (Stand 1906) has redelivered its 100th aircraft, an Airbus A319 belonging to easyJet, from its Malta MRO facility. The aircraft departed from Malta International Airport last week for London Gatwick after undergoing an immediate layover check (heavy maintenance). SR Technics started operations in Malta in 2010, and easyJet has been the facility’s main customer, along with Finnair, Portugal’s Orbest and France’s Aigle Azur.

Together with Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, SR Technics, which is 100 percent owned by Mubadala Aerospace, forms the Mubadala MRO network. In February, Russia’s Aeroflot launched an MRO joint venture with state corporation Rostech and SR Technics. “This is a milestone for our Malta team, most of whom were working for SR Technics when the first aircraft, easyJet’s ‘Pride of Malta,’ was redelivered on October 21, 2010,” said SR Technics president André Wall.

Redelivery is the term used to refer to aircraft delivered back to an operator after modifications, with the aircraft coming from a former operator or direct from the manufacturer.