Dubai Air Show

Airbus Showcases Gala Interiors in ACJ Widebodies

 - November 17, 2013, 3:15 AM

Airbus is promoting its ACJ330 and ACJ340 Gala concept at the Dubai Airshow, hoping to add to its list of several potential clients. The Gala concept was conceived as a means to offer a lower-cost alternative to a full VIP configuration for Airbus widebody airliners. The design places airliner-type seating fore and aft of a VIP section between doors two and three. Airbus designed the Gala product primarily for head-of-state clients who travel with large contingents of support staff and advisors. Airbus (Chalet P16, Stand 410) began discussing the concept with potential customers roughly a year and a half ago, a company spokesman told AIN. Due to the more ready availability of A330s, Airbus expects the twin-engine model to draw more interest than Gala-configured A340s, he said.

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