Dubai Air Show

Web Manuals Launches Draken

 - November 17, 2013, 9:15 AM
Displaying a typical manual page on a tablet, Martin Lidgard is the CEO, chairman and co-founder of Web Manuals.

Here at the Dubai Airshow Swedish knowledge-management solution specialist Web Manuals (Stand 2715) has launched the latest iteration of its cloud-based document-digitization application. Known as Web Manuals 4 Draken, the new version introduces a range of features that improve content editing and a document ribbon workflow that eases the authoring and publication of manuals.

Also included in Draken is an EASA compliance library that automatically highlights sections of documents that need to be updated due to changes in EASA regulations. This function has been developed by Web Manuals in partnership with AeroEx, in which the Swiss compliance experts continuously update the EASA rules database within the Web Manuals application. This greatly improves the ability of operators to maintain and demonstrate compliance against EASA implementing rules (IRs) and by acceptable means of compliance (AMCs). From April next year all operators must be able to demonstrate their ability to conform to the latest EASA regulations.

Web Manuals produces an application that provides for end-to-end compliance management, and this can be applied to the operations of business aviation, airlines, ground-handling organizations, airports and MROs. The application allows the operator to write, publish and distribute its entire manuals library.

In the last six months Web Manuals has enjoyed considerable sales success, adding a number of new customers that include Bertelsmann Aviation (Germany), JoinJet (Denmark), Grafair and European Flight Service (both in Sweden). In April Gama Aviation Middle East became one of the first business aviation companies in the region to sign up for Web Manuals.

Based in Dubai, Gama Aviation Middle East provides a range of business aviation support functions, such as aircraft charter and management, engineering and FBO services. The company has returned glowing reports of using the Web Manuals application, which has centralized publications from the various aspects of the company’s operations, accelerated distribution of memos around the departments and overall provided enhanced staff efficiency. Subsequent to the start of using Web Manuals in the Middle East, Gama Aviation has adopted the application for its operation based in Switzerland.