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LHT Expands Dubai Activity, Prepares For 787 Work

 - November 19, 2013, 5:48 AM

One of Lufthansa Technik’s fastest-growing activities in the Middle East is the Lufthansa Technik Middle East Services (LTMES) facility here in Dubai. LTMES brings together all the capabilities offered by the parent group and makes them available from one regionally focused location.

Currently the office supports customer service for component support and acts as the local sales office for VIP customers. Under the expansion, LTMES will develop on-site technical services from early next year. Rising demand for nacelle component services and repair operations for airframe-related components is driving this expansion in capability, which is offered to customers outside the Lufthansa group. Depending on the kind of service required, work can be undertaken at the customer’s own facility, here in Dubai, or elsewhere within the Lufthansa network.

As well as increased line maintenance capability, from early 2014 LTMES is also to offer the efficient Cyclean engine-wash process at Dubai International and other airports in the region. This process reduces fuel consumption by up to one percent, while improving engine performance and reducing CO2 emissions.

Meanwhile Lufthansa Technik is preparing for 787 VIP completion work. Boeing is set to deliver the first of 12 VIP 787s sold so far at the end of the year, and Lufthansa Technik is in advanced discussions with several of the customers regarding cabin completion and technical support. Capacity is being offered for completions in 2014/15.

With the development of a new process of providing secure cabin installations in the new generation of composite-airframe aircraft such as the 787, Lufthansa Technik has laid a foundation for customized cabin solutions for VIP interiors. The company has also applied this technology to the Boeing 747-8, of which two are undergoing VIP completion.

Lufthansa Technik has been involved in the 787 program since the initial concept stages, drawing on its expertise as both a completion expert and maintenance specialist. LHT was the first independent provider to offer production inspections for the 787, and the first of 50 such aircraft under contract was delivered in October. The company offers a complete portfolio of 787 support activities, including a component pool.